innovative academic practice

I have presentation-style crushes on a few people... Just added @watchingthedark to that list.
— @daleblasingame

I enjoy informed agitation at the crossroads of personal technology, creative practice, enterprise and pedagogy and I'm proud to be part of a global community of education pioneers as an Apple Distinguished Educator.

Committed to multi-disciplinarian approaches, I'm wary of theories that don’t inform action and an advocate of innovative technology and creative media practice.

making me want an iPad for the first time! Amazing apps and tools for business use.
— @Alisonbattisby

As the Graduate School Learning & Teaching Coordinator at the London College of Fashion I lead on various initiatives to encourage innovative academic practice around the use of mobile technologies - how best to utilise the super computer in our pocket to overcome the ever present challenges that can hamper pedagogic practice.

Alongside my research activity I offer one-to-one and team consultancy - I've spoken at the BFI Media Conference New Media Day on iPad and Film Education and recently presented Shooting from the Hip: Fashion Film Practice & Mobile Technologies at the Designs on E-Learning conference at Texas State University.

what are you seeing: “innovation”
— @hopkinsdavid

The growing intersection of fashion and technology provides a perfect landscape for discussion and innovation at LCF - recently I presented Wearing it on Our Sleeve: Learning, Teaching & The Internet of Things at the Designs on E-Learning conference at Texas State University as a starting point of this research activity.