One Device

One Device

Apple's newest ad debuted during the Oscars last night - shot entirely on the iPad it was promoting.

I've spoken about teaching film practice and iPad on a number of occasions - how the increased use of personal mobile technology has impacted how I approach the discipline and my observation of learners experiences.

It's had a profound affect on my ability to bypass fears around technical knowledge and get straight to IDEAS - the most difficult and important part of any film production.

And the extra screen estate offered by an iPad creates an overall advantage over the superior camera in the iPhone - you're able to research, plan, storyboard, shoot, edit and share your work from the same device on a screen big enough for a crew to see.

In this context, an iPad is astonishingly good value - to have all that technology available during my under-graduate degree would have cost me thousands - an entire production house in your bag. 

And using a Martin Scorsese voice-over makes sense - I've been using his open letter to his daughter as the spine of my discussions around the future of film for a year or so and it's an astute starting point in a number of contexts.

Film is now more democratic than ever before, a mass medium not just in it's consumption but in it's production. Technology clearly doesn't answer all the questions of representation and access that need addressing but should at least help us get to those questions quicker...

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