Focus on FCPX

Sometimes while we were editing we felt as if we were actually rewriting the movie.
— Glenn Ficarra, Director

Though there's been a number of testimonials to FCPX it's great to see evidence of it being used at the level of filmmaking that's needed to produce a major Hollywood release like Focus. The re-imagined post production platform had a pretty difficult birth but I immediately recognised product that was built for the future and had a huge impact on my teaching - students picked up the basics so much quicker than FCP7 and Premiere.

That isn't to underestimate the impact that the initial release had on many professionals who got caught with a first iteration that didn't match with production house necessities at the time. But using the new Force Touch trackpad with iMovie briefly this week showed me where we're heading over the next few years in terms of responsive UI. And it felt great.

I’ve cut on all the other systems, and I can easily say I’m three times faster on Final Cut Pro X.
— Glenn Ficarra, Director

Feeling the Machine

Happy Birthday YouTube